To make the most use of the valuable stone, builders mixed the remaining chunky remnants with clay then ground the resulting slab to a smooth surface – and terrazzo was born.

This unique pattern has recently seen a resurgence in popularity, but with a contemporary twist. The flexibility of mixing marble, quartz, granite, glass, and a slew of other stones has made it a covetable pattern for design-conscious eyes. Brighter, bolder colors and a variation of textures have enraptured the creative world, frequently appearing as quirky highlights in furniture, sculpture, and interior design.


Committed to making good design part of our daily interactions with tech, we quite often look to other design-centric industries such as interior design. Inspired by the terrazzo found in home settings, our own take on the striking pattern is handcrafted from Jesmonite.

It’s an ideal balance of old and new: invented as an environmentally friendly alternative in 1984, this award-winning water-based composite combines natural raw materials to create effects resembling that of stone. The soft mineral – almost ceramic – feel of Jesmonite lends to an end product that feels like something more artistic. Much like our approach to design, we’re always just as meticulous about every material that’s introduced to our palette. So, here’s why Jesmonite was our choice.

Terrazzo collection


1. Stronger: durable and resistant to last through time
2. Lighter: incomparable to marble, to make your everyday carry easier
3. Safer: solvent-free and fire-resistant for full protection
4. Greener: water-based with natural materials for style that won’t hurt
5. Customizable: full creative freedom to achieve any color or texture


Our designs are always a statement against the mass produced, low quality plastics that seem to dominate the tech accessories space. For us, one of the greatest charms of terrazzo was that no two patterns are ever exactly the same. It’s a true carrier of personality.

Each pattern is inherently unique, distinguished by a different pattern, density, color variation, and surface finish. Even small imperfections, like the random patterns created by bubbles during the drying process, become singular details that add to each product’s individuality.

Terrazzo collection

Our Terrazzo collection revolves around a base of our signature rose and black hues, accented with specks of complementing colors to give it its characteristic zest. Each individual slab is handcrafted with care to achieve the dynamic look that enhances Clic Terrazzo and Dock Wireless Charger’s minimal design. Finished by precision-engineering and sanding down each block to a slice only 0.8mm thin, it’s then reinforced with fiberglass to create something timeless in both function and fashion.

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